Who We Are

AERO is a pioneer and immersed as a digital powerhouse with innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers in the Display industry since more than a decade. We enable you to accomplish your objectives, supporting individuals to work more brilliantly together around the globe.

After the joint venture of Aero and Unilumin Group as our Technology and Manufacturing partner, we are all set for Indian Market to enhance the experience of living with new technologies as ‘Aero Unilumin’

Our Products

LED Display Video Walls

LED video wall technology is getting progressively popular because of its ability to display seamless pictures, versatility to any size or shape, and excellent optimum characteristics that make video wall content look incredible from any angle.

AERO is a pioneer in fine-pitch LED video wall display solutions with many LED wall installations around India. We give an extensive variety of LED video walls from high-resolution indoor video walls to solutions for the biggest outdoor public venues.

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LCD Monitor & Video Walls

AERO complete range of high-quality LCD video walls & monitors encompasses various sizes, resolutions and technologies. Our huge scale LCD display systems are designed by video wall experts with many years of involvement in video wall display technology. Featuring the narrowest bezels, slimmest installation depths and most flexible mounting systems, AERO LCD video walls are best-in-class.

Air inventive LCD video wall solutions are particularly intended to deliver precise and splendid visual messages on the planet’s most demanding environments from control rooms, corporate halls, encounter focuses, mark showrooms, communicated studios and vast gathering rooms and occasions.

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AERO Waterproof/Mirror TV

An ideal solution to hide your TV in your decor.
Architects & Interior designers are jumping on board new technology that transforms your TV into a stylish mirror. It is the ideal solution to incorporate technology into your luxurious interior!
Our mirror glass technology can be added to any of our frame styles and blend in with a stylistic decor. Waterproof/Mirror Televisions has an expanded demand in residential and commercial applications and we make the best bespoke solutions accessible with our years of experience and a highly skilled team of craftsmen.
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AERO Digital Poster

AERO Digital Poster is the leading choice for operators that need
to optimize space to increase revenue with last mile promotions. Be it
indoor events, retail shops, digital interior design and advertising, it
highlights a very sleek & slim design that helps in minimizing the space
occupied by the screen and with its astounding long-structure design, it is
tailored to craft superior experience.
This state-of-the-art Digital Poster Display has a high contrast ratio and
refresh rate and showcase dynamic content, such as high-resolution
photos, scrolling text and video graphics with wide viewing angles giving
the audience a more satisfying visual experience.

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When you’re finished building it, it’s a giant DIY TV!
The future of Television is here. For the 1st time ever one of its kind, the
biggest Smart TV of the century is UTV-III.
Make the LED lights do what you need — no specialized skill required.
Hang your LED screen on wall panels, or take it to your next outdoor
festival and blow people’s minds. Now upload any video from anywhere
to your new LED wall. Flat-screen TVs are a lot thinner and lighter with
brighter, self-enlightening pixels, stunning colour and contract for the
Best TV ever, incredibly smart AERO UTV-III creates a virtual display
centre, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

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Mirror TV

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