LED Display Video Walls

LED Display Wall is one of the most preferred screen displays that are being commercially utilised. A LED display comprises of various LED panels that, in turn, comprised of several LEDs.
The advantage of the LED Display Wall is its efficient and low-energy consumption and LEDs create a greater light intensity that delivers high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels
AERO offers a total scope of LED Display Wall technology for events, venues, museums and other visitor attractions, broadcasting and control rooms, to retail, advertising, and other professional AV installations.
AERO LED Digital Wall is available in different pixel pitches, they produce the ideal picture consistently, even in direct daylight.
AERO’s wide portfolio of LED digital Wall enables you to go digital where no one has gone digital previously.
AERO LED Display Wall is the next generation of the advertisement industry with its seamless corners and with intelligent monitoring.

Indoor LED Displays – Narrow Pixel Pitch

indoor led new

Outdoor LED Displays – Fixed Installation

outdoor led 2