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Aero participated in Hotelier India Awards 2018

Hotelier India Awards 2018

AERO Digital World Team takes pride to be a part of the most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry. The Hotelier India Awards 2018. We Congratulate all the Winners & will look forward to future endeavours.

LED video wall

Benefits of using AERO LED Video Walls

LED video wall benefits - AERO LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular. However, thanks to its ability to deliver high-quality content to any size and form. And also, best characteristics that create the content look larger from any angle. After the joint venture of Aero and Unilumin Group as our manufacturing and technology partner. AERO gives access to probably the most advanced and flexible commercial display solutions. Like 4K- Ultra HD LED Display video walls for Outdoor & Indoor Solutions. Our [...]

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV is Replacing Traditional Television Sets

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV helps customers to make the most of every day. Because with Waterproof Mirror TV. They can do many things such as Check time. The Weather. Updates on the News, Sports & Traffic Updates. Also, Health. Review their email. Their schedules. Furthermore, Account balances. Enjoy their favourite music, movies. And in addition, Monitor their security system. From social media to music and entertainment. Homeowners can now install as many apps as they’d like. And a link to their favourites to the [...]