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Benefits of Active LED Display Video-wall

Benefits of Active LED Display Videowall These days LED Display Video walls are in limelight and very useful in most of the industries. Thus it helps in increasing customer engagement for the business. In this incredibly innovative business era, there are endless possibilities and marketing opportunities with the use of Active LED displays. It is mainly because of the developing challenge and expanding the utilization of innovation that makes traditional approaches quite outdated for the business. LED display promotions can be [...]

Mirror tv in spa
Mirror tv in saloon

What is a Mirror TV and where do we use them?

What is a Mirror TV and where do we use them? The most common challenge faced by interior designers is to blend entertainment with style. Even though no client wants to compromise on their idea of sleek and modern homes. They are also resilient towards giving away their choice of music and movies. To solve this very problem, Aero Mirror TVs have dedicated a whole new subsection of AV products to subtle entertainment. This development has given birth to one of [...]

Aero participated in Hotelier India Awards 2018

Hotelier India Awards 2018

AERO Digital World Team takes pride to be a part of the most prestigious awards in the hospitality industry. The Hotelier India Awards 2018. We Congratulate all the Winners & will look forward to future endeavours.

LED video wall

Benefits of using AERO LED Video Walls

LED video wall benefits - AERO LED video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular. However, thanks to its ability to deliver high-quality content to any size and form. And also, best characteristics that create the content look larger from any angle. After the joint venture of Aero and Unilumin Group as our manufacturing and technology partner. AERO gives access to probably the most advanced and flexible commercial display solutions. Like 4K- Ultra HD LED Display video walls for Outdoor & Indoor Solutions. Our [...]

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV is Replacing Traditional Television Sets

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV helps customers to make the most of every day. Because with Waterproof Mirror TV. They can do many things such as Check time. The Weather. Updates on the News, Sports & Traffic Updates. Also, Health. Review their email. Their schedules. Furthermore, Account balances. Enjoy their favourite music, movies. And in addition, Monitor their security system. From social media to music and entertainment. Homeowners can now install as many apps as they’d like. And a link to their favourites to the [...]


Upanel at the “1st TV” Channel

LED Display - The “1st TV” channel was expecting a special guest for its 50th-year anniversary. The President of the Russian Federation - V.V Putin with all the important guests and audience were attending the occasion. Therefore, the gravity of the 1st TV channel project couldn’t be overemphasized. Also, Designers of 1st TV channel wanted to create two seamless interactive backdrop screens. Which would display integrated signals COM from scattered cameras in the studio. So there had to be no delay [...]

What is Mirror TV

Mirror TV-What is Mirror TV and how does it work?

Mirror TV - What is AERO Waterproof Mirror TV and how does it work? It's stunning when we see a standard Mirror that turns to a TV when switched on and it's extraordinary to have full mirror surface when you switch it off. This Waterproof TV type is also known as Magic Mirror TV. It can be utilized in various spaces like Bathrooms, Modern Kitchens, Living rooms, High-Class Salons, Gyms, Airports and many more. As an experienced manufacturer of AERO Waterproof [...]

Aero mirror t.v.

Advantages of AERO Mirror TVs

To start with Mirror tv advantage, Firstly AERO Mirror Tv is not simply a television. It is an innovative product that draws more attention to your room, bathroom, and other places. Firstly, you have to understand the use and Mirror tv advantages. AERO offers a wide variety of Mirror TV in the Indian market. The TV is crafted using the finest quality of the frame. And AERO uses the highest quality of the dielectric mirror. Here is a list of Mirror tv advantage: Alluring Light Box:  The [...]

AERO & Unilumin Group

Joint Venture of AERO & Unilumin Group

AERO Digital is feeling proud to announce the joint venture of Aero Digital and Unilumin Group as being our Technology and Manufacturing partner. We are all set for Indian Market and to enhance the experience of living with new technologies as ‘Aero Unilumin'. Aero Digital is a pioneering and is immersing as a digital powerhouse with Innovative Solutions. To meet the ever-changing need of the customers in the LED Display industry for more than a decade. Also, AERO enables you to accomplish your objectives, [...]