Core Values

At AERO we have a distinctive set of Core Values, which drives the way we do business. These five corporate values were ingrained into our operations by our founder Mr Sunil Khera and have remained guiding principles, governing the development of AERO for over a decade.


We always strive for a transparent & enduring relationship with our partners, interacting openly, activating challenging plans and processes and setting reasonable expectations to achieve the best goals.


Successfully being excellent is our way of life. It has always been integral to our surrounding. We expect our artefact, people and leadership to exemplify it. Our viewpoint is to always challenge ourselves to do it better.


We show the highest standard of business ethics in our transactions with our Customer, suppliers and even our Competition. We must gain the trust of others and build our goodwill through individual integrity and respect.


Research, modernity, and invention are the essences of our company. Our achievements result from exploring new methods and ideas beyond conventional boundaries. In short, we stretch our imaginations and abilities which gives us the freedom to pursue our ideas.


In what we do, we show our passion which enables us to achieve the high standards of performance and freshness we have set for ourselves. Focused on people who are energized by what they do spread their enthusiasm to others. We derive great benefits from individuals who champion their thinking and from leaders who inspire us to higher levels of achievement.


We must work in concert with our colleagues to ensure that all our roles add value to the customer. Our customer perspective is to always try to understand their requirements, We create products and services of
lasting quality that delight them in unexpected ways.


Working transparently, striving for excellence, behaving with utmost integrity, developing products with innovation & passion brings out another core value which we have for all ….. this is Respect.