What is a Mirror TV and where do we use them?

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What is a Mirror TV and where do we use them?

What is a Mirror TV and where do we use them?

The most common challenge faced by interior designers is to blend entertainment with style. Even though no client wants to compromise on their idea of sleek and modern homes. They are also resilient towards giving away their choice of music and movies.

To solve this very problem, Aero Mirror TVs have dedicated a whole new subsection of AV products to subtle entertainment. This development has given birth to one of the best-selling product- Mirror TVs. It is as interesting as it sounds. Mirror TVs are like your normal television set where you can watch your favourite shows, movies, sports or groove to some music although when turned off, instead of looking like a TV, it looks like a framed mirror adorning the walls of your bedroom or living room.

What are the Most Common Applications?

Common places where Mirror TVs can be seen are in living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Generally, homeowners opt for framed mirror TVs as they can easily be used for styling purposes in family rooms and bedrooms when the TV is off. In the bathroom, its both a stylistic and practical choice. It not only removes the addition of one more mirror in the abundance of mirrors but also saves you from introducing new bulky equipment to watch something while having your leisure time.

What are the Size Options?

The size of these TVs ranges between 15-86 inches. The smaller sized TVs are built to be incorporated into larger bathroom mirrors or used in kitchen applications. The larger sized TVs are used, as a part of an entertainment centre in a bedroom and media room just like your normal TV set.

Do they come with Frames?

The best part about Mirror TVs is that you get a lot of options to choose from. Not only can you choose the colour, but also the types of finishing you want to give to the frames. For example wood-finished frame or metal-finished frame, etc. And if you are not satisfied with the designs provided by the TV manufacturer, you can customize your own frame and give it to them. I bet it solves your fashion and style issues you faced because of your regular television frames, right?

What Mounts should be used?

In order to get the complete hidden TV effect, you’ll have to use a flat wall mount to cover the areas of the TV behind the mirror. With the TV flush-mounted against the wall, it’s easier to maintain the illusion that it’s just a mirror without investing in a frame.

Do they have Built-In Speakers?

The audio quality provided by Mirror TVs is the same as that provided by a traditional flat screen television. Though, it is highly recommended that you add a sound bar, surround sound or link the television to your multi-room audio system to get the highest quality sound.

How good is the Image quality?

Just like the latest technology provided by television sets, Mirror TVs offer the latest 4K Ultra HD technologies. Since they are enclosed in a mirror, they are more likely to be prone to glare. In order to avoid the glare, dim the surrounding lights and use blackout shades to get the best image quality.

Is Mirror TV Waterproof?

Most of the major manufacturers offer mirror TVs specifically designed for bathroom use that is capable of handling the humid environment. Yes AERO Waterproof Mirror TVs also come with waterproof remotes so that you can change the channel and adjust the volume without having to worry about water droplets damaging the product. We even offer Voice prompt on demand. Though, it’s safe to talk to your technology consultant about TVs or such specific uses, because not every television set is capable of working in a humidor outdoor environment. Such surroundings greatly reduce the life of the TV and can void the warranty from the manufacturer. Consult us today about Mirror TVs and more for these specific uses.

Where can we buy in India?

These TVs are manufactured in India and service and support system is available pan India. Get in touch with us if you want to enhance your lifestyle and to be outstanding in your crowd.

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