AERO Waterproof Mirror TV is Replacing Traditional Television Sets

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV is Replacing Traditional Television Sets

AERO Waterproof Mirror TV helps customers to make the most of every day.

Because with Waterproof Mirror TV. They can do many things such as Check time. The Weather. Updates on the News, Sports & Traffic Updates.

Also, Health. Review their email. Their schedules. Furthermore, Account balances.
Enjoy their favourite music, movies. And in addition, Monitor their security system.

From social media to music and entertainment. Homeowners can now install as many apps as they’d like.
And a link to their favourites to the AERO Mirror TV which is Waterproof. So they’re not more than a touch away.

Also, One big difference that sets Waterproof Mirror TV above all. It is the intelligent and easy user interface. There is a lot more still!

AERO also offers consumers a variety of options. As a result, it creates a level of luxury.
And also, pampering at home. It can be configured in any room of the house.

A Living room, bathroom, pool, lift area and the gallery. Also, Kitchen, office, living area or even the entries. Choose the sizes that best fit their space.

Waterproof Mirror TV is a growing trend in the luxury house segment.
And is the perfect way to integrate into the existing interior design. And also, AERO is the only manufacturer of technology.
It allows for a truly bright display. It is a regular TV when turned on, and a regular reflection Mirror when turned off.

The Pioneer in Waterproof Mirror TV Technology:

AERO is the Pioneer in Waterproof Mirror TV industry. And is serving the retail and hospitality.
Also, the residential industries for over a decade. The Product line includes modern Mirror TV, Waterproof  Mirror TV and Makeup Mirrors.
Which flawlessly blends into any luxury hotel guests and homeowners pan India.
AERO is also known throughout the technology & Design Community.

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  • Kalpana Reply

    I visited to know more about aero technology. Really adorable products and I loved this Mirror TV with waterproof Technology. I will buy this soon. Thanks for the great hospitality.

    January 14, 2019 at 4:47 am

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