Mirror TV-What is Mirror TV and how does it work?

What is Mirror TV

Mirror TV-What is Mirror TV and how does it work?

Mirror TV – What is AERO Waterproof Mirror TV and how does it work?

It’s stunning when we see a standard Mirror that turns to a TV when switched on and it’s extraordinary to have full mirror surface when you switch it off. This Waterproof TV type is also known as Magic Mirror TV. It can be utilized in various spaces like Bathrooms, Modern Kitchens, Living rooms, High-Class Salons, Gyms, Airports and many more.

As an experienced manufacturer of AERO Waterproof TV, we’d like to portray the most important elements in the article and hope you find it helpful.
In this article, we will highlight on some useful insights regarding TVs, that work through Mirror and usually called Waterproof TV and Due to its vanishing feature, it’s also called a Magic Mirror TV.

Individuals’ call it as a screen, which is set behind the semi-transparent Mirror. When the screen is off it looks like a normal mirror and when switched on, the HD screen is visible with High definition audio.

AERO Waterproof TV is available in two types:

1. Standard Design (for in-wall or on-wall installation): These TVs are fixed in size with standard installation (of the screen and mirror).

2. Custom Tailored: These TVs are customizable as per customer’s requirement to be fit in the interior perfectly. Mirror glasses are made in accordance to the size required.


Obviously, there is no Magic however simple science that made this screen vanishing impact working. We use Thin and high-quality Black and Silver mirrors and after analyzing the market soon. AERO has launched Waterproof TV and this is the biggest trend in the Year 2019.

For better Experience of the AERO product, we recommend you to visit our website. AERO Experience Center to see the genuine working impact of a Mirror TV.

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